Moving Buildings

Relocating Made Easy

If you’re wondering about moving your home or a building on your property to another location, Blue Ridge Hauling & Rigging can lift your building and relocate  it just about anywhere. 

We provide services including:

  • Lifting and moving buildings on your property
  • Lifting homes for new foundations
  • Re-orienting or spinning buildings 
  • Lifting roofs

Whether your home is too close to the road or you’re hoping to save a historic building that needs to be relocated, Blue Ridge Hauling & Rigging can help.

The Company That Moves Buildings

If you’ve never seen a building or home be lifted and moved, it’s an incredible sight.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, Blue Ridge Hauling & Lifting gently lifts homes off of their foundations or piers, often raising them two to four feet into the air to accommodate equipment and tools underneath. 

When moving buildings, we then use a “skating” technique and a series of rails and rollers to gently slide the building slowly along a planned route. Once at the new site, we excavate and pour an entirely new concrete foundation or basement (we even do daylight basements!) before gently lowering the building into place at its new home. 

The process is seamless for the property owner and can preserve the home’s integrity incredibly well. In fact, once in place on its new foundation, your building will be in better shape than ever, ready to last a hundred years and more on its new footing.

The Benefits of Moving a Building

When moving a building, the possibilities are endless! Why do people move buildings? The reasons are wide and varied:

Preserving History

Moving a building can help preserve the history of a particular area, time period, or of course a building. We’ve been involved in preserving old schoolhouses, homesteads, and more over the years, and we take great pride in helping to preserve a part of our history or ancestry.

Cost Savings

Believe it or not, moving a building or adding a basement can be significantly cheaper than demolishing and building new, particularly when the bones are in great shape. And depending on your particular structure, moving a building and putting it on a new basement can effectively double your living space.

Safety, Flexibility, and Creativity

Moving a building allows it to be relocated to a more suitable location when necessary. For instance, moving an old home away from a busy intersection where accidents frequently happen can reduce homeowners insurance issues and save the building from repeat damage. Moving a building can also open up new possibilities for creative uses and designs, allowing you to take advantage of beautiful views, more light, and more.

Environmental Benefits

Moving a building is much less wasteful than tearing it down and rebuilding. It helps to reduce the amount of material that is being sent to landfills, keeps site disturbance to a minimum, and ultimately cuts down on wasted resources.

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