Our Projects

Project 1:

Adding a Second Story For More Living Space

A homeowner in Pine Grove, PA wanted to add a second story to his cabin home to add more living space. There was extra complexity because of a large central chimney in the middle of the home. 

We rigged and lifted the roof off of the existing home and from around the chimney, elevating it about ten feet above the second story. The homeowner brought in a contractor to build floor joists across this span, frame up new walls for the second story, and we set the roof back in place.

This project was done in a single long weekend, with the roof up in one day, the second story flooring and framing built in about two days, and the roof set back in place by day four.

Project 2:

Adding a Full Basement (Even Under The Sunroom)

A client in Jonestown, PA wanted to double his living space and to make his home look less like a double-wide prefabricated building. There was an existing sunroom with the walls built almost entirely out of glass windows and wanted the basement to extend under this new space, including changing the level at which it sat.

We lifted the entire 68X30 building, with the sunroom, dug a basement under the original building and  sun room, and put the entire structure back in place. We then lowered the entire home to accommodate this improved exterior aesthetic as well, all without cracking the glass. 

The homeowner got a beautiful and functional new interior space in the form of a finished basement while changing the look of the home from the exterior. The project cost much less than a large addition, with the same home footprint.

Project 3:

Beautiful New Living Space by Adding a Daylight Basement

A client contacted us about their sinking home. They hoped to not only rebuild the foundation and resolve the settling issue, but prepare for a large addition on the front for even more usable footage in their home. In addition, the house was built on sloping ground that they hoped to re-grade.

We lifted the home by seven feet to accommodate a totally new poured basement, including a walk-out daylight basement. With this approach, they resolved their foundation problems, were able to re-grade the surrounding land, and doubled the living area in their home by adding the basement. Their home is also now ready for their beautiful planned addition. 

Project 4:

Bank Barn With Bowing Walls

A centuries-old bank barn suffering from bowing foundation walls needed help. As the original stone foundation began to crumble and fail, the end framed wall was also bowing along with the foundation. The owner wanted to preserve the barn and make it more useful for today’s modern equipment by making the basement deeper.

We did a partial support of the affected area of the barn, added more garage space under the barn, added new center posts,  straightened the leaning timber end wall,  and replaced the bowing foundation with a poured concrete wall. The owner got more use-able space and saved this beautiful barn, preserving a piece of history in the process.

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