Installing & Replacing Foundations

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Seasonal homes are notorious for sitting on poor – or NO – foundations.

Seasonal cabins, beach homes, and other getaways in the mountains or along the shore were frequently built with very poor  foundations 50 to 100 years ago. 

Many are set on nothing more than little piers or rocks (or worse) and rot & settling are common issues in these older seasonal homes.

If your foundation is decrepit or you simply don’t have one, Blue Ridge Hauling & Rigging can lift your home, excavate a proper basement or crawlspace, and completely restore your home. We add finished basements, too, making for more living space at competitive prices compared to additions.

We rig the house, jack it up, level the floors, and replace your piers or foundation entirely, preparing your building for a renewed life on a solid, well-built substructure and foundation.

Do You Need a New Foundation?

Whether you have absolutely no foundation under your home – it’s sitting on wood piers or even raw and sinking rocks – you’re probably here because you’re seeing the signs in your home.

Common signs of a failing foundation (or no foundation) include:

  • Uneven floors
  • Doors no longer closing properly
  • Rotting and deteriorating substructure
  • Windows and door frames no longer square
  • Sagging or wavy floors
  • And more

With Blue Ridge Hauling & Rigging, we’ll rig your home, lift it up on large jacks, dig out your existing failed foundation or wood piers, and pour a totally new foundation (and even basement) underneath your building. Your home is then gently returned to its original location on its new foundation, ready to last your and your family decades to come.

Our Home Lifting and Rigging Services

Blue Ridge Hauling & Rigging provides comprehensive solutions to failed or lacking foundations under existing homes. We provide:

  • Rigging, lifting, and moving existing homes and structures
  • Lifting homes to replace wood piers or block foundations
  • Lifting buildings to put in a new basement
  • Lifting buildings to replace foundation walls
  • Fixing bowing foundations or leaning walls
  • Leveling and repair for sagging and cracking or uneven homes
  • Repairing bad foundations and water problems in basements

We’ve solved many unique home problems, and we’d love to take a look at yours. If you suspect or know your foundation is failing and it’s time for something to be done, or you don’t have a foundation at all, we can help.

With our deep experience lifting and moving homes, there’s a good chance we’ve seen your situation already. 

Call today to learn more about home lifting and get a free quote.

Common Questions About Replacing Foundations

Lifting and moving a home can very easily be done with no structural damage but we want to be transparent with what you can expect. As we move or lift homes, there’s a good chance of at least hairline cracks developing. These cracks are not structural cracks but simply cosmetic.  It’s simply part of the process for most stick-built drywall homes. These can generally be repaired easily and quickly by a good drywall company. 

Interestingly, we find that brick and old stone homes can often be lifted with no cracks! 

For most homeowners we work with who plan to remodel anyway, these cracks aren’t really an issue and only cosmetic.

We lift buildings with a device called a unified jacking machine, an incredible piece of machinery that can lift your home in its precise current configuration – including uneven floors, unlevel substructure, etc. – or to level your home perfectly on its new foundation. 

When we level older homes, this is a common source of cracks. Over decades in its current configuration, your home has settled, and when we restore its perfect level, it can actually cause new cracks to form. 

If you’re worried about damage when lifting your home, we can help you understand the process and the best approach for your home.

Yes, we can lift just about any home, including old stone, brick, block, stick-built, cabins and more.

Yes, we replace rotted beams and substructures under homes.

We move homes short distances – called skating – though this is most often done to move small distances on the same property.

We lift, move, and help restore older buildings on new foundations, and we’re happy to work with period-experts to understand the needs of historic buildings.

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